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Csaba Balogh · Cred 4 · Sem 2 · Tavaszi

This course focuses on central topics of the Hebrew Bible which also survive in the New Testament, such as holiness, sin-punishment-forgiveness, blessing, national theology, universalism and particularism.

Csaba Balogh · Cred 3 · Sem 3 · Őszi

This course examines controversial texts of the Hebrew Bible from the point of view of the contemporary Christian reader. The texts discussed often played - not only in the contemporary discourse, but throughout the history of the Old Testament hermeneutics - an important role in challenging the relevance and normativity of the Old Testament for modern theological thinking.

Dezső Kállay · Cred 3 · Sem 1 · Tavaszi

The Applied Hermeneutics course looks at the history of hermeneutics, considering especially those achievements that still have a relevance today in the process of textual interpretation and in the preaching practice.